Tuesday, January 31, 2017

words from the boy i want to remember - about welcoming his mei mei <3



ezra: (suspecting something from the hints i have been dropping, and asking several times) mama, do you feel like you have a meimei or didi inside you?




ezra: i’ll sayang the baby so he/she will feel encouraged ok?




mama (and many others): so would you prefer a meimei or didi? 

ezra: if God gives me a meimei, i’ll accept. if God gives me a didi, i’ll accept. 



mama: (felt some pains and asked ezra to pray)

ezra: Dear Lord Jesus, please protect the baby and when mama’s tummy gets fatter, please help it not to burst….

mama: LOL!!!




mama: ezra, are you very excited about being a kor kor?

ezra: yes, i was thinking about how to behave goodly.. that’s why i can’t sleep..




mama: oh dear.. mama is so hungry now. 

ezra: i’ll share my steamed cake with you. you can take the big piece, i’ll take the small piece. i know what you want. you’re hungry right? when you eat the steamed cake, the baby will eat the steamed cake too. 



mama: (feeling very tired) 

ezra: mama you rest, don’t worry about me. (goes to occupy himself and whisper when talking to his doggy)




mama: (wanting to carry ezra)

ezra: can you carry me? did the doctor say you can carry me? doctor said no right?

mama: (surprised) hmm… maybe for a short while?

ezra: are you sure the doctor said you can carry me for a short while?

mama: i just want to hug you, i’ll carry you and quickly put you down, ok?

ezra: ok! (mama carries, ezra quickly scrambles down) 




mama: oh dear, i feel so fat and bloated 

ezra: mama, you’re not fat! it’s just that baby is growing. 


mama: oh dear, i feel so fat and bloated

ezra: that’s cos baby is blowing you up!

mama: LOL!!



mama: what’s the first thing you’ll say to meimei when you see her?

ezra: i’ll say “hello meimei! I haven’t been seeing you for a looooooong time!"




ezra: (greets meimei with a kiss most mornings) hello meimei! when you come out you’ll be so nice and cute and 漂亮! 




mama: (pukes at 2am and creates a commotion that wakes ezra up)

ezra: (after waking up and realising what happened. points at me - ) you are the vomit person, you lie down



dearest meimei, do you know that you are an answer to kor kor’s prayer? :) ezra’s excitement and tenderness has warmed our hearts on many occasions and reassured us that God can mould him to be a good kor kor and to adjust to this new milestone in the family. trusting in Him to provide for what we need and as always, to continue to lead us all the way… 




repeating our marshmallow test :)



strawberry! it’s a meimei! 



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