Thursday, April 15, 2010


i went for a wisdom tooth operation this afternoon and OUCHIE :( it hurts hurts hurts! still, it's a good time (blessing) to rest a little and recuperate. if i post a picture of my teeth, will it gross you out? :) so much has happened, including the birth of my fiesty nephew who can REALLY resound :) i know, because he wakes me up every morning :) but don't get the wrong idea, im not complaining! i can't wait to recover from my flu so i can carry him again!

pictures of the bazaar have finally been edited so ill post some up here. looking at them make me reminisce the wonderful time i had :)
DSC05166_cropped DSC05172 DSC05184 DSC05180DSC05187 DSC05193DSC05188_crop

the closure of the bazaar has made me ponder on what i really want to achieve for fitw, hence affecting the decisions that i make regarding it. just taking it all one step at a step. thank God for His care and providence in each step i take. its a comfort that each step i take, my Saviour goes before me..


pp said...

Before the bazaar-"maybe the Lord will make things clearer and open some doors through this bazaar"

After it-Bazaars have been used by the Lord as clear signs that the creation of fitw pieces should carry on :) its a talent given by the Lord, to benefit and bless all around.

doing the bazaar together is also very rewarding!

oh and i FINALLY completed one transaction, haha! but entirely not because of me :p


Anonymous said...


yes i will be grossed out by your tooth if you put a picture of it here! :\ hey does that mean you're on 2 weeks mc? because if you are, *BEAMS!*

where was the bazaar? i don't know why but it looks like nus to me. and your little stall looks so pretty. looks like you put lots of effort into setting it up! (: you should have told meeee, i would have gone down!! next time tell me k!!

i see my new necklace there!!! (:

joan:) said...

hope the flower in the wilderness is doing well! :)

Anonymous said...

i really like reading your artsy blog ever since i got some goodies from your booth at nus bazaar (:
may i ask, when will you guys be having another booth again? i'm looking forward to it!

esther said...

harlow harlow!
we were at NUS arts just recently, did u manage to catch up there? it was, however, a more small-scale event because i did not have time to sew any pouches/bags.

i definitely hope to do this again before the NUS school term ends. is your email in the mailing list? :)


Anonymous said...

I managed to grab some great deals from your stall! and I'm very impressed by the goodies for sale that's why i dropped by a visit at your blog (: and yay to thinking of setting a booth again before the term ends! i'll be graduating after this semester so i doubt i will ever see you again when the term begins! :( but it's okay! all the best to your business!!