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30 Sep 2010, from the PP

“Historical Gaze” of Our Engagement Photoshoot

Disclaimer: It is my first time posting anything on a blog, and how fitting it that it is on fitw and in such a manner:)

This journey of the photoshoot began way back in Jan 2009, when we first signed our wedding package. At that time, we did not think much about the significance of a photoshoot, nor what it would fully entail…

After listening to godly counsel and advice, we were convicted not to take wedding photos that would depict us as if we were already married. So that begged the question – what are we going to shoot? (in fact the bridal coordinator was really very puzzled when we told her that we did not want to shoot wedding photos. It is like going to a chicken rice stall and not order chicken rice, haha) in any case, we decided to take the approach of an “Engagement Shoot” – after dd saw many lovely ones on her favourite blogs.

As we got closer to the date of the shoot, we agreed that the end product would be a mini-story of our journey thus far, and how the Lord has led us through it all. The creation of the storyboard took place over many days and at different locations (in the car, in our new room, on our new table). Through it we are reminded about the goodness of the Lord and also learnt more about how each other worked. We even went on a pre-photoshoot practice session! It was a great experience, even though we were ‘scolded’ by a little German boy!:) it was during the shoot that we realise that smiling at the camera isn’t as easy as it looks! The storyboard included the creation of props as well, I shan’t reveal what they are now, so just have to wait for the photos to be out yeh (we can’t wait to see them!).

That was a brief summary of the events prior to the photoshoot. As we got real close to the shoot itself, things started to get a little rocky as I got too focused on getting all the things done and feared that the shoot would be a mess. Basically I did not walk by faith but relied on self. So there were some tensions a few days before the shoot. But very graciously, all these were removed by the Lord on the day of the photoshoot.

God also provided a friend who has “a car”, which had a lovely number plate that went along with it. And more importantly he, and his wonderful family, were so kind to lend the vehicle to us, even taking the trouble to make it gleaming before lending it to us. This was one real experience we had of the goodness of God. It was a great ride to drive in, haha!

The Lord also gave us a most fantastic ‘aunty’. She has been a great friend. aunty has not only helped in this photoshoot, but was one of the key players in the surprise birthday celebration this Feb. I can imagine that without such a person, we would have fallen flat on our faces for the shoot. (one small advise, if you’re having a photoshoot, please ask along your close friend to help, you will need it. But make sure he/she will not blackmail you with any of the silly pictures taken on that day. Esp if you don’t really wear make up. hint hint: aunty, please don’t release those pictures heh)

Our photographer was also a very cool guy to work with. He was professional, flexible and open to our ideas and able to use his experience to guide us to the right shots. Furthermore, he was a rather funny and happy guy, which made the whole experience even more pleasant. (do contact us if you want recommendations).

For the details of the photoshoot itself, I think my other half has provided a most comprehensive picture. In any case, the main lesson learnt is that of faith. To trust in the Lord to provide all that we need. And the photoshoot has been used by the Lord to show us that He will see us through it all. We have seen how the process and the end can be so wonderfully planned out by the Lord. And indeed it was an experience worth going through and all praise be given to God Almighty.

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joan:) said...

dearest ahma, as i'm reading, i'm feeling excited for you!! :) :) :)

will be praying for you two as you prepare for the big day.. cant wait to see you then! :)