Friday, June 24, 2011

Cafe Giraffe - Melbourne

For the first day in Melbourne City, PP and i had a simple, but sweet little lunch at Cafe Giraffe...of course, arranged by our travel planner again :) im sure most people in melbourne who like quaint little cafes would have heard of this place. I love the informal setting, the random but purposeful placement of quirky decor pieces, and how every single nook and cranny seems to have a giraffe, hehe.


the food, however, was quite a disappointment to us. i guess after being stranded in the plane for hours, we were hoping for something a little more!


IMG 0343

IMG 0349

IMG 0361


IMG 0367

IMG 0373


however, the food is considerably cheap and the atmosphere is really nice to chill out in. if i were living in melbourne city, this would probably be a place i would frequent :)



302 little lonsdale st 3000Melbourne, 3000



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pp said...

this cafe was our first stop on the "maiden exploration" of Melbourne. walking down the streets for the first time, with your life-partner for the first time...can't quite describe the feeling now, but definitely blissful :)