Wednesday, January 16, 2013

baby's breath

the day we became a family of three

IMG 1555

30th december marked a life-changing experience. by life-changing, i really mean, LIFE-CHANGING, in all ways. our lives have changed so much, till now im still grappling with all that has happened. instead of being overwhelmed by all that needs to be adjusted to, i really need more faith to trust that God's plan is perfect, more dedication in fulfilling this calling He is given me and a more thankful heart to count all the beautiful blessings God has given, especially a dear son, Ezra. 

the birth process revealed to me how amazing and miraculous the birth of a child can be. it can be nothing except God, who watched over every moment, ensuring that every thing went well. there are countless possibilities of what can go wrong!

30th december was a significant day for us. less of the date, but more because it was a revelation of God's perfect timing. the week was an extremely hectic and nerve-wrecking one. as we counted down the days, we were rushing and rushing. on top of Christmas activities, we were rushing to move house, rushing to pack everything in, so our new home would be in "liveable" conditions. i knew that with ezra's arrival, moving in would have to take second place and we needed to settle down properly so it was most ideal if we could finish packing the home. so JUST as we finished organising the home, and JUST as we moved into (temporarily) my mother's home to prepare for the confinement month, and JUST as we settled down and thought we could catch our breath and properly anticipate Ezra's coming, God sent him into our lives :) in a time, JUST right. 

details are a blurr (i'd rather spare all of you from it haha!), and all i know is i was very much in pain till the epidural came. the pushing and labour process was..... hmmmm..... less painful.... more laborious if anything! that night, after giving birth to him, i could not sleep. i could only lie in bed, listening to the breathing of the two dearest persons in my life, and realising how precious my baby's breath was. it was a breath of life, a miracle. who were we, that God would bestow this gift unto us? my baby's heartbeat kept echoing in my ears. 

till now, it has only been 2 weeks, but it feels so much longer. so much has happened. some downs, some ups, several worries and fears. pray for us, that we will keep learning and persevering as parents, to take care of this inheritance that God has given to us. 

Psalm 127: 3 Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.

our son amazes us day after day. yet, the heavy burden of having a new life in our hands is beyond any other commitment one can ever have. just as how God kept our baby when he was in the womb, we trust Him to watch over baby Ezra now that he is out. 

IMG 0452

this was our very first sight of baby Ezra. nothing more that 0.5 cm! and after 10 months, we finally get to meet him :) 
IMG 1554
meet ezra, 3.135kg, who joined our family on the 30th december at 2243H :) reflecting on how he has grown from a little bean of a baby to who he is today brings to mind these verses: 

For thou hast possessed my reins: thou hast covered me in my mother's womb.

I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.

Psalm 139:13-14

ezra is a dear, a sweetheart. he is a boy who can wait, patiently, as we as newbie parents grapple to meet what he needs. he does not cry alot, he sleeps alot. he has the softest hair, beautiful eyes, beautiful feet and hands that hold on to your finger when you touch them. his appetite is increasing voraciously (what joy as a parent to see your child growing well!), and his hands and feet will kick around when he is hungry. he freezes in motion when, ah-hem, doing his business. he does his, ah-hem, business more expediently when in my arms. his cheeks are increasingly chubby. when in deep slumber, nothing can wake him! talk to him and he stares at you as though in deep understanding. he has started fussing, and yes, we have started reproaching him (to my surprise, he responds). he has learnt to smile when u sweet talk him and just look at his cute little button nose!
this marks a whole new journey for us and for fitw as well. things change, but thank God that He will always be our constant, leading us all the way. what joy and comfort that gives :) :)


pp said...

two weeks may be a very short time to know a person, but since the first time we met, it is as if he had always been part of our lives!

thank God for baby Ezra, a blessing indeed, but so strong a reminder to us that God is our help in all things.

When we depend on self, look to our own needs, or forget about God's glory, things never turn out well. But the converse is also so true. May God be praised for sustaining this little soul since the day he was born, and we pray that he will be returned well unto his Creator according to His perfect will.

Olive said...

Esther!(: Thank God for your post, it is really encouraging to see both parents desiring to bring your child up in the Lord.

As you know, I come from early childhood background. (: I was watching this video referred to by my teacher about reading, and so the first person that came to my mind was you, and so I would like you to take less than 5 minutes of your time to watch it -

(p.s. It is about the importance of reading during the first four months of life. So, go ahead, read baby Ezra Bible stories!) ;)

esther said...

thanks so much olive! im very much convinced and yes, we have already procured some bible story books :) :) God bless you as you go through your busy school term!