Tuesday, February 12, 2013

one month old

my dear Ezra, 
u are, in the blink of an eye, one month old. it does not take long for us to fall in love with u. being a first time mummy, I confess I had no idea how to relate to u as a person. it all felt so unreal to me. yes, when u were in my womb, u brought smiles to me with your relentless kicks and hiccups. your presence alone was comforting, because it reminded me that God was taking care of you and me :)

IMG 9270

this is our first sight of you, all wrinkled up :)
now, so quickly, you already have such a personality :) your smiles are rare but precious. u fuss when things are not to your liking. it's comforting that you are not fussing for no reason, and it is also comforting that you fuss because you long for human touch, and for someone to carry you. it's perfectly normal to desire the love of others. we too, do that. and we do love you very very much. but remember, our Heavenly Father loves us most of all, and His blessings bestowed on us are a wonderful testimony of His love. 

IMG 1700

you have the softest head of hair. everyone adores your hair, and I cannot stop stroking it. your cheeks are getting rounder by the day, and I love your side profile as I watch you in deep slumber. did I mention how you can really sleep? even when your neighbors are renovating their homes, your sleep goes on :) your eyes are round, everyone says you have my chin. you look at people in all sobriety as they talk to you. as they do so, you seem to respond by pursing your lips together and sticking out your tongue.

oh, not to forget your dabian face! you must be confused why your papa and mama break into fits of laughter when you are seriously engaged in business. that's because you look too funny, my dear!

we are still learning everyday as parents. and it's not just about how to take care of you, but also how to relate to others about you. you're growing too fast! slow down, my dear. lets enjoy, together, this journey God has placed us in :) 


Olive said...

Praise God that He encourages me through your sharings about Ezra.(;

(p.s. tell Ezra all these things!)

pp said...

comforted to know that you do respond to us when we speak to u,even being patient to wait when we tell u to! and thank God that ure tough enuf to 'tahan' ur papa's sudden noises (though they are unintended), due to my clumsy-ness!

the second funniest face is the 'burp burp' face - all crunched up with eyes wide open, until the at times elusive BURP is heard :)

yes we do love u and pray that u can grow up to be used by our LORD!

esther said...

thank u olive :) p.s. have something to pass to u!

Olive said...

Oh? Mm, how would you like to pass it to me? (:

Olive said...

thank you for the gift!(: Where did you customise and order the wood pins from?