Monday, February 25, 2013

2 months


you're coming to 2 months old! it's amazing to see how you have grown within the past two months. you are no longer a tiny, fragile little one in our eyes, but an adorable baby boy who has started to express your wants and displeasures. this second month has been nothing less than a roller coaster, more for us and hopefully, less for you. we moved into our new home, we went out, you met (many) people, and we survived the many chinese new year visitations! day after day, we learn and learn. we learn that somethings are not worth fretting about, we learn that many of our worries are uncalled for, we learn that so many people love many....

IMG 2095
we adore your babyishness. oh, please slow down! everyday you look different and everyday you seem to develop in a certain way that we are simply in awe. you have learnt to turn your head from one side to another really quickly, and to coo and grunt in response to us. you are also able to push yourself up briefly when we place you on your tummy. and your neck muscles are pretty strong - able to turn your head from left to right when doing tummy time. wow! we are amazed by how God helps you to grow, and we are so enamoured by how God has made you SO adorable :) i always ask PP, are all babies this cute? or is it because you are our baby, and we are biased? 

IMG 1936


it is not just you that I am thankful for. I am especially thankful for PP (papa :)) who is so committed to supporting us and doing everything he can. you like his broad shoulders just as mama does, don't you? and only PP dares to venture into the depths of your nostrils to pick out all that pisai that irritates you. he is the one who cuts your nails, cleans your tongue and changes your diaper when things get too.....explosive :) not too long ago, PP had the time to read to you your favourite book - Jonah and the Great Big Fish (not that you have many at the moment hehe!). i loved that sight very much :)

IMG 1864
bathtimes are your favourite! you seem to like it cool. how blessed we are that our new home is cooling and breezy most of the time. 

morning routines for us can be abit daunting with the amount of things we need to do. thank God that He gives mummy strength and enables me to go through the daily experiences. you have peed, pood and puked on mama during the most unexpected times. but after each morning when you take your nap, mama looks at you with a grateful heart (and quickly jumps to clear up and gobble up some breakfast).

i love how you snooze each morning, when you are not yet hungry, but about to wake up. you open half of your eyes, to peep at me, smile and fall back to sleep. repeat 5-10 times. i can sit there and look at you do that forever :) 

IMG 2096

like we have said, when you are deep in sleep, nothing can really wake you up. this is what your "ah jek" did to you that day. through it all, you were still soundly asleep. he even had to ask, "is he alive??" we are thankful for that, because our place noisy with planes and construction in progress!

all in all, as we watch you grow and as you make us smile each day, we are filled with thankfulness because you are a precious gift from God. we are trusting in our Heavenly Father to provide us daily with what we need to take care of you :) 

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pp said...

What a privilege to watch Ezra grow! At times when we don't know what he wants and are at our wits ends, we are grateful to God that we can at least pray. And how God answers our prayers. God has also always provided for all that we need, such that we have no lack!

Having a mama to stay home full-time is really the most difficult for the mummy, but thank God for His appointed pattern. Being able to see the boy's morning smiles and snoozes are blessings that cannot be bought. I am thankful for mam who works really hard and takes very precise and detailed care for you Ezra boy. You have been in good hands al these while, for God has given you a very capable mama!

We pray that you will be used by God mightily one day. But yes in the mean time, do slow down boy!

Anonymous said...

so happy for both of you!! :) may God strengthen both of you through this journey, and may many more precious moments with little ezra be remembered dearly in your hearts :) God bless!! :) :) :)