Monday, April 15, 2013

ezra's one-month-old thank you favours


we have been blessed by the love of many who showed their support in different gestures since Ezra was born. some have been patient with us, some pray for us. one sweet sunday school boy has constantly been praying for good health for ezra! wow. some keep us in their thoughts, offer words of advice, others shower us with hand-made cards and thoughtful gifts. thank God for all these people, who are blessings sent from God.

while we do not like to stick to tradition and give cake vouchers/gifts for the sake of the one-month celebration, we are grateful to these people. we hence wanted to do a little something, as a token of appreciation. here's what we came up with, by God's provision. 


materials needed:

- a badge front (in this case we got someone to laser cut some wood pieces) 

- badge pins

- foam double sided tape

- glue 

- a card with a heart-felt note

thank God that it was relatively easy to stick everything together and we completed these (100+ pieces!) rather promptly :)

front of the card


back of the card


the card is an adaptation of our wedding card, which we felt was meaningful because truly, by God's leading, we are on to another phase in this journey of life :)



we felt that this would be a nice souvenir for everyone to have, to point people to our Creator as we celebrate the 1 month of life God has given to Ezra. truly a.t.w.o.s.l.u :) 

All the way our Saviour leads us...


Anonymous said...

Thank God for such thoughtful and meaningful gifts :) although eatable favors are nice, such gifts are very beautiful and precious - and best of all, they can be kept! :)

pp said...

giving a gift is never difficult, but giving something that is meaningful and helpful is never easy. thank Go for helping us to do such things amidst the many adjustments and tiredness. The joy and surprise on the faces of those who received it does make it all worth while. And we do hope that baby E will also learn from all these too!

p.s. many thought that we carved the wooden badge ourselves! please don't think so highly of us, hehe.