Sunday, April 07, 2013

three months

IMG 2320your cheeks are so round they look like you have two fishballs tucked in them :)

baby dear, 

you are three months old, a wonderful milestone! thank God for His goodness, in sustaining you day by day, feed by feed. 


the highlight of this month is definitely your smile, that you dish out so unreservedly to everyone around you :) all you have to do is flash that sweet smile, and it brightens up everyone's day, including mine :) i thank God that even though you are young, still a baby, you have already been used by God to bring joy to others. and i pray it will continue to be so! 


you have learnt to recognise people, and the best thing about that, is how you smile the moment you see me! it is almost a certainty that when i smile at you, i get a smile in return, even when you are fussing about something :) im so blessed to be your mummy, you are truly a gift from God. this is the month where you have started to learn how to relate to others, whether it be your grandmas, grandpas, aunties, uncles, even mama's and papa's friends. you're truly blessed - there are so many people who love you very much!



you are becoming a real chatterbox. we hear less and less of your crying, as you learn to express yourself in other ways. though no proper words are used, we get an idea of what you are try to express through your facial expressions and tone. it's a joy listening to you. you may feel very vexed as we crack up in laughter while you are complaining away. that's because you do sound very adorable!


bathtimes remain your favourite :) the sound of water splashing is enough to make you squirm in joy. you get so excited to go into the water that you start fussing when we shampoo your hair. speaking of your hair, it is getting longer and longer! papa and mama are reluctant to give you a haircut, but we probably have to do so soon. how we will miss your glorious head of golden brown hair, which so many are enamoured with. auntie ying even says you look like a korean pop star?!!?


there were some feeding hiccups this month. one moment you seem really hungry, the other moment you just don't want to feed. we have resorted to so many means just to get you to drink your milk... rocking you to make you drowsy, turning on the aircon, distracting you, suspecting that you are teething. you are so easily distracted by everything, from the sound of the traffic to mummy's sneezing. sometimes, even when mama and papa talk, you stop to eavesdrop hehe! at the end of it all, i must say that your feeding has been something that i have learnt to commit to God, because i have so little control over it. there have been times that mama just loses patience and gets tired of trying. yet, thank God that He always works it out well day by day. i am learning not to fret so much, and just pray with you at the start of each feed, that you will drink your milk with less discomfort. you seem to have lost weight. we miss your tummy :/ 

all in all, it is amazing how God has seen us through the past 3 months. when i look at you, it is unbelievable to see how much you have grown. we are thankful for that, but it is truly not by our own efforts that you grow day by day. 

IMG 2253


Anonymous said...

baby ezra is growing so well!! such a joy to see a little boy grow up in a Christian home, and to be growing so well.. truly God is the One watching over him.

may God grant your family strength to be a godly witness and testimony for Him :)

pp said...

who would have thought that a smile would mean so much. but truly it is a blessing from God! and one of the greatest joy a husband/father can have is to see both wife and son smiling when he returns home each day! praise God for providing for us all the way these past 3 mths,and for many more to come!