Tuesday, April 02, 2013

tots on parenting #2

4loving how E brings so many smiles to those around him!

i wonder if it is part of maternal instinct but sometimes, i do find myself becoming protective and possessive of Ezra. On one hand, i DO love it that people adore him so much and surround him. On the other hand, there is an occasional sense of apprehension. (oh, do be careful with my son! are you sure what you are doing is best for him? why must you suggest such a thing about my parenting?)

I guess the first part of this apprehension and defensiveness comes from my pride. I do not like others to tell me what to do. The second part of it comes from my selfishness. Baby E is my son and i wish for others to realise that. The last part comes from my responsibility as a mother to protect him and desire what is best for him. The first two parts need to be reigned in, while the last part needs to controlled and presented with love and tactfulness. Only that way, can Ezra, and we as a family, become a blessing to others!


also loving how others (gong gong included!) can make him smile so much!

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